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I would like about one hundred children from each country to draw a picture, but if it is not possible, I would like at least five. Children should be from 4 to 19 years old. Half should be boys and the other half should be girls. Half should be from rich families and the other half should be from poor families. The group of children should reflect the races and religions of the country. We not only ask children to draw a picture but also ask them to take us to their houses. Our staff member will go to their house to take a picture of it, both inside and outside, possibly their family members and their town. The pictures of their houses and towns represent the society and country where they live.

We are planning to hold this event in every country, more than 202, in the world. So, if you have a contact with an elementary school, NGO, or similar organization, please introduce them to us. We would be very happy to contact them. If that's not possible, please introduce us to a big family with many children.We will prepare crayons and drawing paper which will be given to the children after the event. Of course, all the expense will be paid by us.The purpose of the drawing event is to learn the differences of the world from children's point of view. Also, we want to find out the important similarities beyond countries and cultures. When we collect enough pictures and photos, we will have a big exhibition in cities all over the world (free admission).Also, we will make a picture book which everybody can see and read (nonprofit). In addition, we will make a videotape (free rental).Earth the Spaceship ( ETS ) is not affiliated with any religion. It has no political motives. It is a nonprofit organization.We would appreciate it if people understand and cooperate with us.