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The Movie of Tuvalu 2008/02/17
ETS has been making the movie about Tuvalu. The title of the movie is "Tuvalu, an island sinking because of Global Warming". This movie is going to screend on 17th February 2008 at JICA Global Plaza. Anyone can come to see this movie for free. If you are interested in the environmental problems, please join this event.
The picture book of Tuvalu 2008/01/22
ETS is going to publish the picture book of Tuvalu. The name of the book is "Tuvalu, an island sinking because of Global Warming". The publisher is Shogakukan. The wolds and the pictures by Toshiharu Yamaoto.
The Art Event in Mongol 2007/07/04
ETS made the short movie of the Children's Art Event of Mongol. It will be screened on 4th July 2007 at JICA Global Plaza. This is for free.
The Cambodian picuture book, abroad 2007/05/01
The picture book of Cambodia was published in Taiwan and in Korea. The title is "What is the most important thing for you ? ... from Camgosia ".
Children's Art Event in Tuvalu 2007/02/17
ETS held the Children's Art Event in Tuvalu. We asked the prinples of 3 schools in the capital of Tuvalu to have the event. 180 students joind the art event. They tried to draw the pictures of "the most important thing for you". Then, ETS got a variety of drawings. After that, we visited the houses of the children in order to reserch the social background of Tuvalu. We have interviewed 37 poople including the government officer, police officer, priests, NGOs, ...etc.